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Mobile App Development Service

Gone are the days when people used to open their computers to surf through internet and access applications, these days mobile phones has taken over the need of a computer.

Understanding the new methodology, HammadY. offers highly advanced Mobile Development services to its valuable customers, providing them with custom made applications for android and iOS both mobile systems, which enable our users to have large platforms to offer their services and products to their customers. Not only our highly qualified and experienced team develop application according to client’s demands but also suggests latest features and style, which attract and engage more users to the application.

Android application
it is forecasted that the world will have more than five billion android users all over the world till 2019, which is taken as an opportunity by the HammadY. to create custom applications on android operating system for its clients. Our methodology is based on latest technologies, which is why we offer advanced and trending features in our applications for our clients.

iPhone application

HammadY. provides its valuable customers with full end to end custom applications on iOS operating system. We start with understanding the idea of our clients and turn those ideas in reality, satisfying our customer’s needs.

Native platform development
To provide clients a particular platform, HammadY. offers mobile application development on Native platform. This service enables our clients to take advantage of operating system features and other software which are typically installed on Native application platform

HammadY. enables their customers with following benefits within the procedure of application development, using Native application platform:

  • Ability to charge for app in Google Play or App Store
  • In-app purchase and subscriptions through the App Store, Google Play, or other app stores
  • In-app advertising from native mobile app networks
  • Access to the device’s camera to take images or video
  • Access to the device’s file system for caching
  • Access to the device’s contacts
  • Access to the device’s accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and map
  • Native map functionality
  • Background location awareness (starting with iOS 5)
  • Image filters (such as sepia, halftone, etc.) (starting with iOS 5)

Cross platform development

To provide our clients with multiple mobile platforms to engage users, HammadY. offers Cross platform application development. With the growing business world, organizations are required to develop their corporate mobile apps and be able to send them to many different mobile devices that operate on various networks and use different operating systems.

Cross platform benefits:

  • With careful planning around 50%-80% code reuse can be realized across-platforms. This results in faster development and reduced costs.
  • Cross-platform development provides more benefits during the maintenance period. If a bug is found in a common codebase it needs to be fixed only once.
  • Unit tests are required to be written only once for the common code, hence the saved budget can be used to write more thorough unit tests.
  • It is possible to use existing programming talent rather than learning platform specific development language.
  • Ideal for B2B apps and business process automation apps, where time to deployment and efficient utilization of resources is more important than sleek look and feel.

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