Customer Support Services

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Customer Support Services

One of the major requirements for a business to spread and function is its assistance to potential customers, which is why
HammadY. provides its Call support services to it valuable clients, bringing more business from the market and making it more

Our call support service is provided all across the world, which gives us an edge to entertain every kind of customer, having queries related to product, pricing or the company. Our highly experienced team of call support contains the potential to transform normal visitors on the website to profiting customers for the company, fulfilling the purpose of the organization effectively.

HammadY. for chat support:

Focus on core objectives of the organization:

Our tremendous chat support service enables the organization to focus on their core objectives of manufacturing and offering products or services in the market, reducing the load of entertaining customers, which will result in increased productivity.

Get to know about the latest demands:

HammadY. just not only provides its valuable clients with chat support services, but also take notes of demanded products and services by the people and suggests those demands to the organization. This methodology enables the organization to provide their customers with products and services in demands, hence increasing the sales.

Clarify queries related to your organization immediately:

Our quick customer chat support helps customers to clarify all the queries related to the products and services offered by the respective organization, which helps to convince the customer to buy or avail offered products or services by the organization.

Assisting customers with their needs:

It is important that a potential customer finds what he or she is looking for on the website, which is why our online chat support help the user to find the product or service they are in need of, eventually increasing the customers.

Live chat agents available 24/7:

Our team strives to provide your customers with the best customer services which is why we have a skilled team in communication, dedicated to assist anyone who visits the website and ask for assistance.

Outsource Email Support Services – 24/7:

HammadY. understands the value of time when we talk about business, you would not want to waste your precious time on reading and answering each and every email about queries and details of the products and services offered on the website, which is why HammadY. does the job for you, saving you a lot of time.

Outsource Data Entry Jobs to Us:

Our committed services tends to fit perfectly for the requirements of data entry jobs, offering high quality content and work at affordable rates, giving you a big relief from an unwanted burden.

Call & Chat support

Entertaining a customer on website is the vital source of bringing business into an organization, turning a potential customer into a profiting customer. HammadY. provides the best chat support system as an outsourcing customer care support, having a highly skilled team in communication which consist the potential of convincing any web user to avail products and services from the website, to entertain users with their queries and conveying the organization’s message to the customers, bringing in more business and increasing the rate of sales significantly.

Out bound

In search of quality outbound sales or lead generation for your organization? Are you not satisfied with your current call service operations? Are you done looking for unprofessional telemarketing agencies?

Then it’s time that you stop your hunt and come to us!

Hiring an agency with good communication skills for out bound call services can be a difficult, and HammadY. understands what organizations go through, which is why HammadY. have a perfect solution for you for all your problems. HammadY. believes in the results, which is why our outbound call service team consist highly experienced calling agents which know how to convince the audience to try out the products or services offered by our clients. Our team concentrate on the purpose of our clients, which mostly is to bring users on the website or to try out the products or services our clients offer, which is why we follow a good marketing strategy which helps us to turn potential consumer to benefiting customers and increase the rate of sales of our client’s organizations.

Here are some of the benefits which DigiTel Empire provides with its outbound call services profiting you and helping you to reach your target greatly:

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment setting
  • Marketing research
  • Fundraising
  • Sales
  • Surveys
  • Collection

In bound

It’s not surprising if you are tired and frustrated with the performance of your hired agents for inbound calling with no productivity, since inbound calling requires certain skills set which not everyone consist. There is a simple solution for your problem, DigiTel Empire inbound calling service. It is time that your organization focus on your core business objectives and let the worrying of Inbound calling to us since we have highly skilled team of calling agents, experts in communication and entertaining queries of customers. DigiTel Empire believes in results, which is why we have strong strategies for the purpose of providing customers of our clients with satisfactory services, increasing the rate of sales and maintaining the work flow.

These are some of the services which you get from our inbound calling operations:

Inbound Customer Support:

Provide order status help, handle ordering problems, enrollment, reservations, and more.

24/7 or Overflow Call Center:

Choose an call center agency to provide 100% of your inbound call center needs or handle calls after hours, overflow or during peak seasons.

Order Processing:

Outsource your catalog orders and literature fulfillment, and leave every caller with a positive impression of your company.

Marketing Support:

Conduct market research, clean up, and qualify marketing lists, generate leads, retain customers, and much more.

New Customer Acquisition:

Hire the right company for Inbound sales, up-selling,appointment setting and lead qualification to instantly transfer hot leads to sales.

Technical Support:

Hire a 24/7 call center with the experience, training, and knowledge to act as your Tech Support Team.


Troubleshoot and solve internal technical issues.

Home-Based Agents:

Reduce costs with high-quality, highly motivated home-based agents.

USA Domestic:

High quality accent neutral English speaking agents.

Disaster Recovery:

Prevent loss of customers or interruption in service in times of disasters


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